Theatre: Acting and Auditions

Hello there!

My name is Lauren Erskine, I’m 20 years old, I’m from Houston, Texas, and my favorite thing to do in my free time is watch a good movie. Amongst many other things I’m also a Mass Communications and Public Relations major at Texas State University while also pursuing a career in acting on the side. I developed a love for performing at a very young age and over the years I have learned and experienced quite a bit regarding the many elements of being an actor. While it may not seem like it at first glance, the world of acting has many different layers and levels. Since acting is an art form, many people go about practicing this art in their own unique way and I figure that with this blog I can share my own opinions, techniques, and experiences.

An outsiders’ perspective of acting may be that it’s just overly-confident people playing make-believe and who aren’t scared of doing it in front of a ton of people. In reality, there are so many more moving parts and elements that go into creating a character and ensuring that it really comes to life. With this blog I would like to reach fellow actors who are also on the same path as me all the way to people who know little to nothing about the world of acting. As an actor myself, I learn so much from other actors and I hope that I can do the same through this platform. For the people who are slightly lost on the subject, not only do I hope you become more enlightened on the subject, but also hope that you learn more about your favorite Broadway and movie stars and how they came to be your favorite character on screen or on stage.

When it comes to “making it big” in this industry, there’s a lot that an actor needs to learn, master, overcome, know, etc. Through this blogging platform I’d like to explore more of what the most critically acclaimed actors had to go through and overcome to get to where they are today. I mean, once upon a time these people were just like us, and now they make a living doing what they love! I would also like to explore the various acting techniques and teachers, what makes a perfect headshot, the different audition styles and how to nail them, and so much more! On a deeper level, I would also like to address how acting can affect an actor on a personal level and how it can impact an audience. Overall, there’s so much that I look forward to learning, sharing, and teaching through this blog. Let the journey begin!

Here is a link to one of my favorite actors, Meryl Streep, talking about the struggles of breaking into acting and how the industry has changed. This website is also one of my go-to sites for everything acting related!

            You can also follow my personal acting journey on instragram: @laurenerskine_actress

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