Getting Started…

Just like any other activity or profession, you must first learn the basics and how to get started and acting is no exception. While I am not quite yet deemed a “professional” actress, I have been actively practicing the art for quite some time now so I’d like to think that I’ve got a pretty good idea on how to get your feet wet in acting.

The first and most important thing you must do is to find yourself as an actor. What genre do you think you would perform best in? If you’re a relatively funny person, you should probably lean towards comedy. If you find Shakespeare entertaining, maybe try going for classic style shows. This is all a matter of knowing and meditating on your own personal strengths and weaknesses. Many people may say that you should audition and explore every single type of genre, but why push yourself artistically in a direction where you know that you won’t thrive and put on a genuine performance?

Once you have an idea of what genre you would personally perform best in, it’s now time to educate yourself. I learned most of my base acting education in high school with my high school theatre company. However, if you are past the age of being a high school-er, there are still ample opportunities to perfect your craft. One of the best, yet most expensive, ways to do this is to graduate college with a BFA in acting. I have personally chosen a different collegiate path which is why I am continuing to educate myself in regard to acting with local acting classes taught by seasoned professionals. While these classes do come with a price most of the time, it is cheaper than four years of a college education. Here is a link to a number of local acting classes in Austin, Texas that you should check out if you’re interested! If you’d like to go an even cheaper route, you may also consider visiting your local bookstore where you can find a vast array of acting specific books much like this one that I recently picked up.

This book centers on the Meisner acting technique. There are numerous acting techniques that I will cover in future blog posts.

In conclusion, no matter what stage you are in life, it’s never to late to get your feet wet in acting. There are countless resources in which you can learn and perfect your craft. Just remember that you should always put your comfort and personal capabilities at the top of your priorities. If you push yourself to do something you’re uncomfortable with or that you know you won’t excel in, you will only be negatively compromising yourself as an actor. With that being said, it’s also important that you are constantly challenging yourself as well, just in a way to where you are comfortable.

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