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Finding success in the acting industry can be tough. Many people in the industry tend to look out for themselves above everyone else if that means that they can get their time in the spotlight. I totally understand though. Competition is a huge part of being a successful actor.

While the competition can be brutal and it’s important that you, as an actor, to fight for your own spotlight moment, it’s also essential that us actors stick together and lift each other up whenever we can. Luckily, I have found a blog quite similar to mine run by professional Australian, UK, and European actress Angela Peters.

Angela’s blog is quite pleasant to look at and very simple to navigate. As you can see, she has a page dedicated to her story, a page dedicated to useful resources for every actor, and a planner that you can utilize to reach your maximum potential in your craft. She also includes positive reviews from other professional actors and businesses that have worked with her and followed her advice and resources which provides credibility to her work.

Angela also offers personal services in which she mentors fellow actors looking to kick-start their career which is a warming, personal touch to her entire facade. I have actually never looked into having a mentor until I found this blog! Alongside her personal services, she also gives fellow industry professionals a platform to share their advice on her site as well. I have actually never looked into having a mentor until I found this blog!

Angela also has a page dedicated to amazing resources for every actor out there: beginners, actors who have children, audition materials, etc. If you are in need of a refreshing, encouraging, uplifting, and all around resourceful blog for all of your acting needs and desires (besides mine, of course) be sure to check out Angela’s blog and show her some love!

Remember, all of us actors are all fighting for the same dream and going through similar struggles and stages in our careers. It’s important that we lift each other up and lend a helping hand to those who may need it.

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