Look Good, Feel Good…Confidence is Key!

For this blog post, I thought that we should take a break from all this information and talk about something fun: makeup. Now you may be thinking that makeup is so random and has nothing to do with acting. Well, my friends, you’re wrong on that one. I believe that the primary use of makeup is to enhance our features in order to feel and look like our best selves. With makeup, people tend to feel more confident, which is one characteristic an actor should always carry themselves with.

Confidence truly does come from within, that I do believe. However, sometimes we need a little bit of a push or a reminder and I think makeup does just that. Think about the casting director and what they are seeing when you are auditioning. If you walk into the room with a reserved, intimidating demeanor, odds are you already didn’t get the part. This business is collaborative and fast paced, therefore in need of easy-to-work- with, sociable, and confident people in order to produce the best quality of art in a sound amount of time

I will be honest, though. I am also a college student and practically live in t-shirts and running shorts; I don’t wear makeup often. However, when I’m about to go somewhere or do something where I feel like I want to give myself a little extra confidence and motivation, I’ll put on a little makeup to get me through to be my best self. If you would like to get some more perspective on the correlation between makeup and confidence, you should check out this New York Times page with several outlooks and articles.

Just remember that everyone is beautiful in their own way and if you feel the most confident with a bare face, then rock that bare face! On the other hand, if you feel like you may strong with confidence under certain circumstances, makeup may enhance that confidence that you already have deep inside. When you look good, you feel good!

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