Content Creation and Social Media at Texas State

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I am a college student. And, surprise, this blog has been a requirement for my Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media class, if you didn’t already know. I genuinely feel as if I have learned so much from this class, especially elements that I can take forward with me in my professional career when I graduate next Spring.

With my site, I would want to include more consistent content. Honestly, if it weren’t for class deadlines I may not have remembered to post. Which is sad because I actually enjoy writing about something that I’ve always been so passionate about. In terms of content promotion, I think that reaching out to my Facebook friends would have been a great way to get more views and interactions.

With this project, I really enjoyed the freedom and creativity I was allowed to put forth into my blog posts. Like most assignments, of course there were some guidelines and rules, however this class also provided me with the luxury of being personal and genuine. I never thought that I had to sacrifice what I believe in and what I care about in order to pass the class. This is something that will definitely benefit my future in a way that in my future endeavors I won’t be so hesitant to be creative and professional in my own way. It’s exciting to know that I can take my passions alongside me anywhere I work.

When it came time to check my website statistics, I was expecting a few visitors for each post but boy was I in for a surprise. The week of March 18 was actually my popular week in regard to views and visitors. This week also contained my most popular post which was able to reach 22 views! This post was the one in which I reviewed a similar blog to mine. I tagged the woman, whose blog I wrote about, on twitter where she ended up following me and tweeting me back! This probably explains the influx in views during this week and why I have reached 11 people in the United Kingdom and eight people from Australia! I was definitely not expecting to reach people internationally.

Look at these Stats!

Overall, this assignment and this class in general has opened my eyes and prepared me to take on the world of journalism and mass communications as I venture forward into my career. If you, the reader, are interested in studying Mass Communications in college, I highly recommend the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Texas State University!

Thanks for tuning in xx.

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